Marin County Single Family Home inventory was up slightly in Q3 compared with the previous year and with the previous quarter, however, historically inventory is down considerably. From 2006 to 2011, inventory levels dropped nearly 70%, and have remained at this lower level since 2012 with the first quarter of 2016 at the lowest level in 10 years. This year has also seen an overall drop in the number of sales as the market activity cools. The number of sales from January through September of 2016 is down 15% from the same period last year. Prices are well past the previous peak with a Median Sale Price of $1.2 million for Single Family Homes, an increase of 9% from the previous year-to-date figure. Monthly figures below show a drop in all metrics with the exception of the Median Price. This is the result of more sales of homes over $2 million, however, in the first three quarters of 2016 there was a 10% drop in home sales over $5 million and a 60% drop in homes sold over $10 million compared with the same period last year. Last year was a record year for home sales over $10 million.

Home Sales in Marin by Area

Novato, San Rafael and Mill Valley continue to see the highest Number of Homes Sold at 35, 26 and 23, respectively, though Novato and San Rafael are under August levels. Average Days On Market ranged from a rapid 24 in Corte Madera, to 93 in Belvedere.

Average Listed and Sold Price

Average Sale Price in September decreased 5.5% from August following a 3% increase from July for Marin County single family homes at $1,386,521, down $68,000 from July. There was a 5.8% increase – $131,552 – in Marin Average List Price in September compared to August.

Number for Sale and Sold

Inventory in Marin County tightened again in September for a three-month downward trend since June, with 347 single family Homes for Sale, compared to 367 in August. The Number of Homes Sold in September also decreased, from 174 in August to 139. Single family home sales in September remain significantly lower compared to the same month last year, by 65 units.

Homes in Contract

Corte Madera led Marin County in September for the highest percentage of single family Homes in Contract at 62%, followed by Greenbrae (60%) and Novato (49%). San Rafael and West Marin both saw increases of single family Homes in Contract, while Belvedere, Tiburon, Sausalito, Kentfield and Ross saw slight decreases. Larkspur had the greatest increase, at 40%, up from 25% in August.

Average Sale Price History

The Average Sale Price for single family homes in Marin County in September was $1,386,521, down $68,000, or 6%, from August levels. Comparing to the same month last year, Average Sale Price is down 6.8%, from $1,487,737 in September 2015.

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